Egidija Ciricaite




[108 pp : all ill.; full colour cover; 20x29cm.,
digital print, light translucent paper, smooth Somerset covers and vellum envelopes to contain it all.
Signed and numbered edition of 50
Part of AMBruno's Volume project.

The book was originally inspired by MRI scan, that converted the volume of my grey matter into slim layers of thought — although grey in their image, they were hiding a volume of colourful thoughts, which together, produced every hue possible, as well a very mundane grey of my brain.

Lighthearted, airy and (almost) weightless exploration of the volume of thoughts, that illuminate the space between the two ears. 

The book features a printed envelope and a cover, with words frantically scattered on their surface. Opening the words allows the readers access into sixteen semi-translucent layers of visual poetry: 40gsm velum paper printed with splashes of colour, which overlay to form a volume of hues from the seemingly very limited parameters provided. 
When the layers are closed (as they are seen when the pamphlet book is first opened) they form a rainbow of colours. As the reader opens the pages, the colours start descaling, disintegrating, until only a couple of splurges remain..

Light in its weight and tone, yet thought-provoking, the book considers the paradox of the grey matter that contains the volume of colours and shades to represent every thought and idea that had ever existed. 


VIDEO: GREY (between my ears)

GREY (between my ears) from Egidija on Vimeo.