Egidija Ciricaite

WEAVING PATTERNS FOR POETRY/lovatiesė* series** (2023)
a large body of visual poetry 20x29cm.,; composed on a 1960s Smith-Corona typewriter with an original two colour ribbon
(a small selection of images shown above)

Inspired by Lithuanian textile patterns, WEAVING PATTERNS FOR POETRY/lovatiesė*contemplates parallels between weaving, writing, reading. Traditionally, weaving used to take place during long winter evenings; it was accompanied by singing and story telling — thus tying together the craft of textiles and the craft of sung/spoken narration. WEAVING PATTERNS FOR POETRY/lovatiesė* explores traditional Lithuanian bedspread patterns, exploiting (often) bilingual shifts between words, their roots, and concepts, creating threshold spaces between the material and the aural, the traditional and the contemporary, the visual and the verbal. Produced on typewriter, my visual poetry replicates the meditative process of weaving: one line at a time

* lovatiesė means bedspread in Lithuanian.

** see Rauda*** (a weaving pattern) (2023)

*** Rauda is a type of Lithuanian lament, which exists somewhere between song and poetry. It is improvisatory, composed of a few motives that women repeat with variations.



Rauda* (a weaving pattern) available HERE

No. 18 of the TYPEWRITTEN series by PSW gallery.

This book contains 6 typewritten visual poems inspired by Lithuanian textile patterns.

Printed on an old Gestetner 320 mimeograph. Hand-bound edition of 60 copies, 62 pages, 28x21cm landscape size.

The TYPEWRITTEN series is edited, printed, hand-bound and published by psw.

Available PSW webshop.