Egidija Ciricaite





Rauda* (a weaving pattern) (2023)
(from lovatiesė** series)
[24] pp: 20x29cm.,; original typewriter poetry layered on semitranslucent papers, with each layer revealing a new letter pattern.
Signed and numbered edition of 50.

* Rauda is a type of Lithuanian lament, which exists somewhere between song and poetry. It is improvisatory, composed of a few motives that women repeat with variations.

Lament is a form spoken poetry, used to fill the void of grief with the sound of anguish.

Rauda is ethymologically related to raudonas (red in Lithuanian), red (Eng), rudere (wail in Italian), robust (Eng) and rowan (Eng).

**lovatiesė means bedspread in Lithuanian. This series of typewriter poetry is insired by Lithuanian textile patterns. The original is composed on a 1960s Smith-Corona with an original two colour ribbon.