(No.4 of "Four Quartets')

part V


What we call the beginning is often the end

And to make an end is to make a beginning.


Before the Word there was only water and tranquility floating on the wings of the Holy Spirit: those were same waters that later filled Lethe and Élivágar rivers; this was the same tranquility that later filled opium pipes.


Tais vandenimis yrėsi mažas laivelis, kuriame sėdėjo dievas ir velnias. *

Every phrase and every sentence is an end and a beginning.


Tada ir sako dievas velniui:

– Nerkis į dugną ir iškelk iš ten saują žemių. **


So it dived, passing event horizon into unreconstructable freefall of faces, faecies, clocks, minutes, bed linen, photographs, memories, telephone numbers, bird sounds and smells merging and dividing like primal cells of creation, until mixing of colours and elements soothed chaos into grey meteorites as they plummeted and plunged into misty waters low down bellow . When meteorite shower had finished, the waters returned to tranquility. A shape of a small boat appeared in the distance.


Tais vandenimis yrėsi mažas laivelis, kuriame sėdėjo dievas ir velnias. *


(However, in another hypthetical self-contained reality, it

lingered, it did not dive, it chose to remain sailing suspended in

the photon sphere slowly orbiting between beginning and end,

between W and W, watching the back of its own head

until the end times and time.)




* A small wooden boat floated across those waters. God and devil sat in it. (from Lithuanian)
** Then god says to the devil "Dive to the bottom and bring us a handful of soil". (from Lithuanian)