Egidija Ciricaite


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people plously revere the memory (2017)
[24] pp : all ill. ; 20x29cm.,
Layers of recycled photographs on transfer paper contained in a Peregrina real silver sleeve.
Signed and numbered edition of 25books;

This book contains
spaces, words and monuments
which had lost their
place, meaning and reverence
some time between
1966 and 2016.

When a plaque is removed, the void stays marked by the shape on the wall where the paint was not bleached by the sun. When a monument is removed, a square base of foundations remains. When a segment of history is removed, it leaves residue in the form of unsettlingly disbalanced images and disturbed co-occurrence patterns of language units.

Material stability of print allows voided ideas to transcend into the new era. people plously revere the memory uses language and images of spaces (now non-existent) from a 1966 Soviet book about Kaunas (Lithuania) to explore the place of expelled memories. The book reads as a series of spaces between what there is now and what there was 50 years ago, with gaps in reconciliation between the two and the hairline bridges that almost do not exist.

Part of AM Bruno [SIC] project.