Egidija Ciricaite





original overlap (2020)
Three pamphlets in a printed and embossed semi-translucent envelope 16x23cm;
Each pamphlet [16] pp : all ill.; 13x21cm.;
Signed and unnumbered edition of 100. 

A new and much expanded edition of the Original Overlap (2019), with some of the original content; yet - ultimately - it is a new translation, embodied as a carousel of trans-localized communication between mediums, exploring words and phrases, rendered meaningless though demalfrication of linguistic and visual planes, and as such, becoming a common chaos into which the mind collapses. The work uses the original text - now re-contextualised, re-appropriated, re-edited - so to explore the limits of comprehensibility though play with texts, visual poetry and photo essay.

Original Overlap was born one May afternoon, when an unsolicited e-mail arrived, eagerly expressing an opinion about some things related to art and literature. The words were confident and loud, yet they were self-conscious of their role as appropriate truth-bearers. Characterised by aesthetics of complexity, the text was assembled of intricate post-literary metalanguage...