Egidija Ciricaite






Duet on Rain (2022)
[12] pp: 20x29cm.,; digitally printed ethereal scattering of Mecanorma poetry on light semi-translucent pages and digitalised mohair panels of the same size, enfolded in a blind embossed cover. Edition of 40
+ special eddition which includes 10 blind embossed covers with laser cut and a hand knit sleeves.
II. a video book.

Duet on Rain was developed during lockdown and it was finally fully printed in 2022. It is an artists’ book/video based on a collaborative project by Egidija and George. The video brings together into an immaterial folio, translucent sheets of Egidija’s visual poetry and George’s mohair knits, which he produced based on the printed velum pages. They were later restuctured into a book, which was further supplemented by a small edition of a rainy lasercut knit sleeve.

Duet on Rain is a gentle contemplation about a rainy day, with dripping words and mohair drapes evoking that feeling of hours and hours diffused with water.

An ink colour variant of the same poem . on Rain.

Tranquil, this rain continues into the afternoon. Yarns of water lace the window illuminated by lightning. Isn’t it beautiful?